The Olive Oil

The Olive Oil

Podere Arduini produces superior category extra virgin olive oil, obtained from olives which are handpicked in our own olive groves. The uncontaminated territory of Elba island, the favourable weather conditions, and the quick transfer of freshly handpicked olives to our mill ensure that our olive oils have a very low acidity and a considerable phenolic content, which are essential organoleptic properties of high-quality olive oils.

Our production in particular includes two types of blend: Podere Arduini and Pilade, as well as two monovarietal extra virgin olive oils, named Moraiolo and Leccino.

Podere Arduini is a very high quality extra virgin olive oil with an elevated phenolic content. The fragrances of the four varieties of olive trees found on our land, called Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino blend together creating an oil with an intense, persistent and slightly bitter taste. From salads to the finest dishes, Podere Arduini extra virgin olive oil gives an extra flavour to any type of dish.

Likewise, Pilade is the result of the fusion of the four varieties but comes from the pressing of the olives of the trees in the vicinity of our resort. This high-quality extra virgin olive oil is served in the restaurant of the ‘Pilade Country Hotel & Residence’ and is available for sale for our hotel guests. Pilade extra virgin olive oil is versatile and perfect for fish as well as meat dishes, but also with legumes and soups.

Moraiolo is the extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively from the trees of the homonymous cultivar in the company olive groves. Moraiolo is offered in 250ml bottles which is the format we believe best suits this excellent product. Bitter and spicy, with hints of artichoke and wild thistle, Moraiolo Podere Arduini is the ideal condiment for bruschetta, soups, grilled red meat and vegetables.

Leccino is the monovarietal that takes its name from the ancient Tuscan cultivar; this delicate extra virgin, with its hint of ripe olive and apple, is the perfect match for blue fish, legume creams, fish soups and white meats. The Leccino Podere Arduini comes in elegant 250ml bottles.