The Farm

The History

The farm has been owned by the Arduini family since the late 1800s. At the time it used to produce wine and it is still remembered today for its abundance, derived from both the strategic geographical location and the rich and fertile soil.

In the 60s the old country farm was renovated when Pilade Arduini, the first entrepreneur of the family, decided to build a hotel out of the existing building, aimed at welcoming the very first tourists of the time. The wine production was therefore first reduced and limited to satisfying the request of the guests of the restaurant only, and subsequently stopped.

Perhaps nostalgic of his agricultural roots, Pilade decided to plant the very first olive trees on the family estate. In the early 2000s he began, helped by his grandson Luca, the first operations of cultivation of the trees and harvesting and pressing of the olives.

After this came researches, studies, training courses and field experience; the olive groves were expanded, the trees chosen with expertise, the harvesting techniques modernised. Thanks to the professionalism achieved the oil sector got off the ground, sealed by the creation of the Podere Arduini brand. It was then decided to diversify the production, going from a single extra virgin olive oil to three different olive oils: this is how the Moraiolo and Leccino monovarietal lines were born.

Pilade, Moraiolo and Leccino are the three extra virgin oils that are still served in the restaurant of Pilade Country Hotel & Residence, which offers not only a very high quality olive oil, but also local as the company olive oil mill, which was opened in 2019, is located only a few meters away from the building. Walking in our estate you can visit and see first-hand the whole productive process, from the trees to the production technologies, and then conclude with the tasting of the finished product in the farm.