Our Olive Groves

Our Olive Groves

On the pristine territory of the Elba Island, near the Mola bay and at the foot of the promontory of Capoliveri, Podere Arduini farm extends to overlook the Gulf of Porto Azzurro. Here, between the sea and the countryside, we grow our olive trees, taking personal care of every agronomic phase to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

The olive tree is an evergreen plant, rather long-lived, which needs care and attention in all its vegetative stages to give its best in the flowering and fruiting period. Our olive groves are located in the south-eastern side of the Elba Island, within 5 km radius of our oil mill to guarantee a quick start of the pressing of the olives following their harvest.

The typical varieties of Tuscany – Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino, Leccino – have been selected to produce the oil as they best match the island’s culinary specialties, enriching and enhancing them. Leccino has a delicate flavour and is particularly suitable for fish dishes, or to accompany vegetables and legumes; Moraiolo is extravagant, for memorable combinations with meat or ideal for sublimatig the simplest soup. Podere Arduini extra virgin olive oil is characterised by an intense, deep flavour, which enhances the taste of each dish.

Our olives are handpicked in the very first days of October, when they are still around 40% of their ripening process, called invaiatura. After a few hours from the harvest, they are pressed in our latest generation olive-mill, equipped with the most refined and cutting-edge crushing technologies, which allow us to extract the oil at a controlled temperature (cold extraction).

This process, although not rewarding in terms of quantity, allows us to produce a high quality olive oil, with a high phenolic content, and excellent organoleptic properties: intense green colour, lively aroma and unique flavour. Each drop of the Podere Arduini extra virgin releases the essence of the land and the sea in which our plants grow.